Port Information - Coastwise Arrival Information


*** USCG eNOA must be sent to the National Vessel Movement Center
at least 24 hours in advance.***


If your arrival at Key West is less than 24 hours from embarkation, you must send a preliminary NOA for the arrival into Key West. Once your manifests are complete after embarkation, then you need to send an updated e-NOA which includes the pax/crew manifests. The COTP (Captain of the Port) Zone entry should read "Sector Key West". 24 hour POC should be "Caribe Nautical" and phone "305-294-3288".

This is a general list of the paperwork and documents required when arriving at the Port of Key West directly from another US port. Please send us a copy of your complete itinerary which will enable us to send you specific requirements detailed to your particular cruise.



Entrance/Clearance package

  • 2 CBP Form 1300 ENTRANCE
  • 2 CBP Form 1300 CLEARANCE
  • 1 CBP Form 1303 SHIP STORES
  • 1 CBP Form 1304 CREW EFFECTS
  • The following should be in CBP Form I-418 format

  • 1 Full passenger list
  • 2 Full crew lists


Departure Manifest package

(Requirements will vary depending on your itinerary; please contact us for detailed requirements for your cruise)

  • 1 Full passenger list
  • 1 Non-US passenger list with visa type annotated (write in WT, B2, ARC, etc
  • 1 full crew list (also include one of the lists (usually the separated crew) list which has the CBP receipt stamp/number from your last arrival from foreign
  • 1 added crew list with attached I-94/95's
  • 1 separated crew list with attached supporting I-408's, I-259's, etc
  • 1 CBP Form I-92 include crew breakdown (US, non-US including ARC, total) and pax visa breakdown. Anywhere there is space, type in the cruise line's address. Mark it for departure, commercial scheduled. You do not need to supply one for arrival.

Be sure all forms are marked for "departure" from Key West.

You must submit the USCG Electronic Notice of Departure so that it is in the system at least 1 hour prior to ship's departure from Key West.