Port Information - Foreign Arrival Information


This is a general list of the paperwork, documents, and procedures required when arriving at the Port of Key West from a foreign port. Please send us a copy of your complete itinerary which will enable us to send you specific requirements detailed to your particular cruise.



As required, be sure your USCG e-NOA/APIS (electronic Notice of Arrival/Advanced Passenger Information System) files have been transmitted as required by law 96 hours in advance for foreign arrivals. US CBP Key West uses this system to pre-screen all passengers.

In addition, you must also forward the following lists as soon as possible after embarkation day here to Caribe Nautical (kwestships@aol.com) and we will forward to CBP Key West.

  1. non-US passenger list
  2. added crew list (D1 those who joined after your last US arrival crew processing)
  3. separating crew list (D2 only those who will disembark the ship in Key West)
  4. list of ANYONE (US or non-US) who joins during the cruise after you leave your last US port.


Paperwork please have the following printed upon ship's arrival to present to our boarding agent. All passenger and crew lists must be in CBP Form I-418 format, alphabetical by family name

Entrance/Clearance package

  • 2 CBP Form 1300 ENTRANCE
  • 3 CBP Form 1300 CLEARANCE
  • 1 CBP Form 1303 SHIP STORES
  • 1 CBP Form 1304 CREW EFFECTS
  • 1 Full passenger list
  • 2 Full crew lists

Immigration processing package

  • 1 Full passenger list
  • 2 Full crew lists
  • 2 D1 crew lists (those who will be processed to receive I-95 Crewman Landing Permit)
  • 2 D2 crew lists (only if crew is disembarking at Key West)


  • 1 copy CBP Form 1300 Entrance
  • 1 copy of the receipt obtained at your last garbage offload (photo copy is sufficient)
Your provision master or storekeeper should be waiting at the gangway upon arrival with these two documents in hand. The US CBP Agriculture Specialist will board and inspect ship's stores.

ALL FOREIGN ARRIVALS ARE SUBJECT TO FULL, FACE TO FACE PASSENGER INSPECTION BY US CBP. US Citizens and non-USC need to be presented in different venues (theater, lounge, board room, etc). Each venue must have a controlled entrance and separate exit; one way traffic only.


US CBP conducts "Progressive Clearance" here in Key West. This allows passengers to go ashore at their leisure once inspected without waiting for the whole ship to be cleared. Our agent will bring special security hole punches on board designed to go through your ship's cruise card. You will need to provide staff to assist. As each passenger is inspected, his ship cruise card must be punched. Your gangway security then will need to check to make sure that each passenger going ashore has the special punch hole when scanning the card to allow them ashore. When all passengers have been processed, security no longer needs to check for this. Once a passenger has been inspected, he may leave and re-enter the vessel at his leisure.


The requirements for processing non-US passengers with visas, visa waiver, alien residents, etc. vary dependent upon your ship's itinerary. Passports are required. If your ship is eligible for the south Florida closed loop processing, then new I-94 forms are not necessary. However, if your itinerary does not allow for this, then passengers with visas may need to prepare new I-94 forms, visa waiver passengers new I-94W. Please contact us, providing your full itinerary. We will send you detailed information specific to your cruise. Alien resident of the US must present their ARC card.


All US passengers must be presented in an area different from the non-US with their passport. US citizen passports are not stamped by CBP, therefore the officers usually prefer to stand as the passenger line passes by.


Schedule passengers for inspections first, followed by added crew, separating crew (ONLY if disembarking in Key West). Crew processing should take place in the same room as the non-US passengers.