Port Security

PIER B (The Westin Marina)

All passengers and crew must carry photo identification. I.D. must be presented to port security at the security checkpoint on the pier when returning in order to be allowed access to the ship.

ALL PASSENGERS must show their cruise card and a government issued photo I.D. (passport or driver's license)

Non-US passengers will need their passport. If the ship is holding the passport, then you should make a photo copy of the photo page of the passport for them to carry.

All US passengers will need to present a government issued photo I.D. For this reason, you should put this information in the daily newsletters and make announcements frequently. If a passenger returns to the checkpoint without I.D., then the ship's security will have to go out to the pier security to claim them.

All crew will need their crew picture I.D. All non-US crew must carry their I-95 (crewman landing permit) when going ashore. Any non-US crew who is not in possession of an I-95 should not be allowed ashore. This includes those who have just signed on and have not yet received an I-95!

If you have expedited luggage arriving, ship's security will have to inspect the luggage by opening it or using your explosives detector at the security checkpoint on the pier, before it is taken inside the skin of the ship. It is up to you to determine if the passenger needs to be present during the inspection. Please pass this information on to your security department.

The above procedure is also true if you are expecting any deliveries of stores, equipment, etc., Please notify us in writing (email)of any expected deliveries. We will pass it on to port security. Your ship's security officer should also notify port security of anything expected during the call.

If you have any passengers / technicians / visitors / wedding officiants / crew / ANYONE who is expected to board the ship while in Key West, please provide a list of their names to the agent who boards (or by email prior) so that we can give it to the port security guard. This enables the guard to let the person through to the gangway where your security can take over.

You can expect the PFSO (Port Facility Security Officer) to board upon arrival for signatures on his/your Declaration of Security (DOS) documents.

Please forward this to your security department and do not hesitate to ask if you have questions!

Please provide the following for port security upon arrival

  • 1 ship's radio for communications with ship security
  • 1 full crew list
  • 1 full passenger list
  • 1 summary list with visitors/vendors/technicians/sign-on crew or passenger
All lists must be in alpha order by family name.